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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Publicity Photoshoot [x]


yes enjolras in glasses is something that we all love but what about grantaire in glasses

grantaire normally wears contacts but occasionally forgets to put them back in after a night out or crashes with contacts still in and doesn’t want to wear them again the next day

enjolras has been living with grantaire for almost half a year and somehow missed that his boyfriend has glasses

grantaire has thick black plastic frames that enlarge his eyes and the first thing enjolras noticed when he saw grantaire’s glasses was that he can actually see the bright green pools that are grantaire’s eyes under his mop of hair

he sometimes wears them to the musain and sketches drawings with them on and he looks like the epitome of the hipster stereotype and enjolras loves it

grantaire rides enjolras with his glasses still on and enjolras thinks that grantaire whining and grinding into his cock as his glasses slide down his face is the hottest thing that he’s ever seen


Water resistant speaker system and radio

You’re going to South America, Mr. Fredricksen?”


"what classes are you taking this semester"


yo guys so tomorrow (wednesday) i’m leaving for chicago bc i’m going to lollapalooza this weekend!! 

i’ll be back on monday, and until then i won’t really be on here. i’ve got a queue set up but i’m shit at queues so it might run out

just a heads up!